This is how Majo Aguilar sang the Mexican National Anthem

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The young singer Majo Aguilar has gained popularity in recent months due to its vocal quality and impeccable interpretations, since people on the internet claim that the Mexican has the same voice as her grandmother, Wild flowerwho died on November 25, 2020 at the age of 90, leaving a musical heritage both in their childrenas in his grandchildren, Majo, Suzanne, Leonard and Angela Aguilar.

On this occasion, Majo became one of the young singers who have performed the Mexican National Anthem, as their cousin did Angela on May 8, 2021 before the fight Canelo Alvarez against Billy Joe Sanders, a controversial interpretation that divided opinions because he intoned it in a way slower than usual.

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VIDEO: Majo Aguilar sang the Mexican National Anthem and that was the moment

It was last Sunday, October 15, when the interpreter of "Illegal love"carried out the emotional presentation in it Rose Bowl Stadium located in Pasadena,California, USAprior to the match between America and Chivas. The young singer wore a charro suit lemon green color, a characteristic outfit for Majo, as it highlights his redhead and long hair.

Interpretation captive both those present and Internet users, since his voice was powerful enough for the Mexican National Anthem prior to the friendly classic between America and Chivas. Although this specific performance is usually a moment of nervousness for most artists due to the responsibility which implies, the daughter of Antonio Aguilar Jr.. She seemed confident during the time it lasted.

He special moment he closed it screaming "Long live Mexico!" and in the stadium you could see the Fireworks that sealed the moment of the Mexican National Anthem. Regarding this interpretation, the also called "Galactic Rancher" made a live broadcast in your account instagram where he talked about what he had experienced.

The experience was incredible, I am short of words to describe what it feels like to be in front of those people singing our anthem, incredible and very father. I wanted to share it with you."

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The reactions after his interpretation of the Mexican National Anthem

The video of one of the most special moments in Majo Aguilar's career generated a series of Positive comments on social networks, although there were those who considered that he did slightly fastthe majority of Internet users expressed their approval to the singer's musical participation.

"It's a historical factfinally someone sings it well" wrote a user TikTokwhile someone else made a comment regarding his grandmother: "I close my eyes and listen to Flor Silvestre"Finally, one of the most repeated comments was similar to the one written by user Stephye Rodríguez: "Esooooo!!!! Until someone sings the anthem well and understand that it's not just about singing."

It is worth remembering that recently, Danna Paola sang the Mexican National Anthem in Canelo Álvarez's fight against Jermell Charlo and his interpretation was also applauded by thousands of people, because like Majo, they said that the 28-year-old singer respected the tonespeed and she was not wrong even though she herself revealed moments later that she was extremely nervous for doing it.


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