This is Cynthia de la Vega, the model who replaces Lupita Jones in Miss Universe Mexico

This is Cynthia de la Vega, the model who replaces
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A few hours ago Lupita Jones announced that after 30 years she left the position of director of Miss Universe Mexico, a decision that was made by the executives of said beauty pageant. After her announcement, It was revealed that the model Cynthia de la Vega will be the one who takes this position.

The news has taken many by surprise, but Cynthia de la Vega promises that the new era of Miss Universe Mexico will take a course that will seek to favor Mexican participants and win more crowns.

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Who is Cynthia de la Vega, the new director of Miss Universe Mexico?

Cynthia Alejandra de la Vega Oates She was born on September 28, 1991 and is originally from San Pedro, Nuevo León. The model studied high school at the Brillamont Institute and high school at the ITESM Santa Catarina campus.

The model has extensive experience in beauty contests, since in 2008 she won the Elite Model Look Mexico contest, which took place in Sanya, China. In 2010 she participated in Nuestra Belleza México where she was the first finalist.

Regarding her private life, the model She is married to the driver Come Joy, Kike Mayagoitia, who is one of the most recognized drivers in Nuevo León. The model and the driver are parents of two children.

This 2023 Cynthia de la Vega attended the 72nd edition of Miss Universe that took place in El Salvador and just this November 20, the new director of Miss Universe Mexico was named.

Cynthia de la Vega shares that she is the new director of Miss Universe Mexico

Through a publication on Instagram, the model shared her feelings after being named the new director of Miss Universe Mexico.

"The beginning of a new age. A dream come true where we will work hard to promote Mexican women. Thank you to those who have trusted me and thank you for being part of this exciting journey of empowerment, inspiration and unforgettable moments… because now, beauty has no limits.”

Lupita Jones confirms that she will not continue to be in charge of Miss Universe Mexico

The model and first Mexican Miss Universe shared a video in which she confirmed her departure from the pageant, however, she did not say the name of the person who would occupy her position.

“In recent months there have been many comments, I have been receiving many messages to clarify the situation. I want to tell you that, first of all, Miss Universe has not confirmed anything to me, although everything indicates that what is being said is true,” said Lupita Jones.


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