Thirteen dead and 59 wounded in ten other mass shootings over the weekend in the US.


Violence with firearms adds up and continues in the United States, without any signs of going to substantially restrict access to all types of firearms.

Between Saturday and Sunday, at least thirteen people died and 59 were injured in eleven mass shootings in different parts of the country.

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Fernando Garcia

The most serious incidents took place in the central and lively South Street of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and in a bar in Chattanooga (Tennessee), each with three deaths and 12 injuries. One of the Chattanooga victims was hit and killed fleeing gunfire. There was no escape.

After the massacres of 10 black residents in Buffalo, 19 children and two teachers in Texas, and two doctors plus a receptionist and a patient in Oklahoma, gun violence continued to spread from coast to coast and north to south of the world’s leading power. world.

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Michigan, Arizona, New York, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas were the other scenes of mass shootings over the weekend.

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