Thieves took advantage of an accident to assault 40 motorists on a Mexican highway

In 30 minutes, about 40 motorists and truckers handed over cell phones, wallets, cash and other belongings to the thieves.

Photo: Hector Guerrero / AFP / Getty Images

Lovers of what is foreign took advantage of a car accident to commit a massive assault in broad daylight on the Orizaba-Puebla highway, near Cumbres de Maltrata, a municipality in the state of Veracruz.

Dozens of motorists were stranded on the road as a result of a closure resulting from a crash between a truck, a van and a trailer, which occurred meters ahead. In addition, the traffic caused by the accident caused two units of the Federal Public Service to collide.

As people waited to get out of the traffic jam, men carrying long weapons arrived at the scene and demanded their belongings from the occupants. In 30 minutes, around 40 motorists and truckers handed over cell phones, wallets, cash and other belongings to the thieves, under the threat that if they did not they would be shot.

With desperation and impotence, motorists saw how the occupants of the vehicles ahead were assaulted and knew that they would reach them without being able to do anything. A knock on the glass was the signal that it was their turn and they had to hand over their belongings.

Motorists called 911 to notify the authorities and made complaints through social networks, but the police arrived when the thieves had left.

It should be noted that four kilometers further on from the site where the massive robbery took place, there is a National Guard barracksbut no agent arrived at the scene.

It transpired that some criminals fled on motorcycles and others on foot, leaving their victims with a nervous breakdown.

Assaults on carriers on different highways in Mexico are a constant that has been widely denouncedwithout things having changed.

On the Veracruz-Puebla route there are constant robberies perpetrated by heavily armed men, mainly in the Cumbres de Maltrata area, which has forced state authorities of both entities to implement joint operations, but the thieves continue to do their thing.

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