Thief tries to rob a house and is skewered on a fence, neighbors show it on video


One subject was willing to Steal a house in the neighborhood of San José, Campechein Mexico; however, his plans immediately failed.

And it is that the man apparently fell from the second floor and got stuck in the fence of the address, after neighbors in the area called the police after seeing him jumping from the roofs of various houses in search of a property to commit a crime.

Faced with such a scene and hearing the cries of pain from the alleged thief, the residents chose to seek medical help, but not before exhibit it through a video that circulates on social networks.

In the images you can see the man wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes hanging from the fence screaming from the pain caused by the impact of the fall, since he pierced his stomach and chest with the rod.

The firemen have to comethe firefighters have to come, they are going to have to cut, they have to cut the rod”, one of the neighbors is heard saying in the background.

So far the identity of the criminal is unknown and if he survived; however, unofficial sources confirmed that the subject died at the scene.

Property crimes remain constant in any state, with home-room and car theft being the most renowned in Mexico.

It is not the first time that things go wrong for an evildoer when he tries to do his thing, since in any corner of the world karma is instantaneous; however, this case is peculiar because the thief had a long agony.

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