They will receive Leo Messi as a 20-meter mural in Miami | Video

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A giant mural of the face of Leo Messi will welcome Miami Florida, to the Argentine soccer player, who he next Sunday will be introduced as the new and shining star of the intermiami, The club of Jorge More and David Beckham.

A smiling Messi over 20 meters tall It is the work of the also Argentine Ignacio Bagnasco and stands in the neighborhood of Wynwood, an open-air museum of urban art where the artist is still working on his third mural project with the former player Barcelona FC and Paris Saint Germain as protagonist.

Bagnasco, who is 41 years old and has painted before murals of Messi in Argentina and Albania, said “hopefully” the world soccer star can visit the place where his work is exhibitedwhich still needs a few days of work to be finished.

But you know thatMessi cannot walk down the street for security reasons." so you may only know your portrait from photographs.

Anyone who has seen it and even climbed on the crane that Bagnasco uses is david beckhamthe retired English soccer star, who was with his wife on Sunday Victory in the place and left a record of it on social networks.

Bagnasco tells that he is from Buenos Aires and started painting and drawing as a child. In his house "they weren't much of soccer", but that is the "Argentine passion", he says, and commissions for murals of soccer players have rained down on him for years, including one of the deceased Diego Armando Maradona.

does not enter the eternal discussion of whether 'el Pelusa' was better than Messi and he continues painting with his aerosols the portrait of the rosarino, in which he works from a photograph but without projections, only drawing and using techniques that help keep proportions.

Bagnasco says that this project is commissioned by the real estate developer of the Wind28 residential complex and that the inclement weather in Miami, which at this time of year is characterized by intense heat and sudden downpours, they don't scare him.

(With information from EFE)

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