They will hold the first Olympic art competition in 2023 | News


The Swiss city of Geneva will host the first edition of the Olympic art competition from July 11 to 21, 2023, to launch talented creators from around the world, whose works deal with the theme of the environment and energy.


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International Olympic Art Committee (IOAC) Executive Committee Chairwoman Qin Wen said on Wednesday that participants will spread their message through exhibitions and performances of dance, music, painting and photography, among others. cultural manifestations.

Qin Wen described the event as a feast for art and assured that OLYM´PARTS 2023
will allow the public to select the best works, worthy of the Olympic Art trophy.

According to the organizers, this will also be the occasion to establish an OLYM’PARTS Alliance, a kind of world association that uses art as a universal language and leads to the development of associated projects.

The International Olympic Art Committee is an organization that has been based in Geneva, Switzerland since 1995, with the impetus of Frenchman Marc Verriere, and during these years it has defended the humanist values ​​of art as it entered the 21st century.

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