They will carry out a parade for the Revolution with only 1,500 troops

They will carry out a parade for the Revolution with
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With a staff of 1,416 members of the Army, Air Force and National Guard of the mounted bodies and administrative personnel, the Military parade commemorating 113 anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution.

The Sedena will carry out the event with a reduction in its contingents, because the majority of elements develop the DN-III-E and GN-A Plan in support of the civilian population affected by the passage of the hurricane Otis in Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítezwhere 6,500 ground and air soldiers are deployed, in addition to 10,000 National Guard agents.

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According to Cavalry Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Medina Arenas, the military personnel participating in this parade were transferred to Guerrero to support the civilian population.

He pointed out that the work of the military at this moment is the application of the DN-III-E Plan on a permanent basis, “in fact, it is a very important date, the beginning of the Revolution and celebration of the Mexican Revolution, but we must help to the civilian population.”

In turn, the National Guard officer Yolanda Guadalupe Damián del Ángel He pointed out that they had to rehearse for two months to stage some landscapes of the Revolution, such as the Loyalty March, a recognition of three women who are part of the Revolution.

He added that recognition will be made to three women who are part of the Revolution, such as Valentina Ramírez Avitia, Valentina; Adela Velarde Pérez, The adelitaand Amelia Robles, who was known as Colonel Amelio Robleswho had to dress as a man to command troops of soldiers.

There will also be four historical performances (confrontation between generals Lauro Villar and Bernardo Reyes; March of Loyalty; Pact of love for the country and admiration for revolutionary heroes.

For this civic-military parade, 28 flags, 1,416 members of the Army, Air Force and National Guard, 628 military horses, 750 civilians, 750 charros and members of musical groups, 120 children, 33 vehicles, four war bands, 1 music band, 13 groups and 23 themed cars.



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