They warn of an increase in poverty in Uruguay | News


The president of the Inter-Union Workers Plenary – National Workers Convention (PIT-CNT) Central Union of Uruguay, Marcelo Abdala, stressed on Monday that the South American nation is experiencing a rise not only in poverty rates, but also in social inequality.


They denounce the increase in the number of popular pots in Uruguay

According to the labor leader, the price rate of basic basket products increases in record time, for which the act for next May Day will focus on reflecting on social construction, as well as action against inequality and the exclusion.

Given the situation, the entity reported the holding of a dialogue between the labor party and the Minister of Labor, Pablo Mieres, in order to promote collective wage bargaining as of July 1, given the possibility of an increase in the unemployment rate in the country.

“We want a meeting that looks globally at the issues of work, wages, prices that make up people’s lives and promote ways that they can consume,” said the president of the PIT-CNT.

He also added that in the face of latent social inequality, it is possible for inflation rates to rise in the country, to which he stressed the need to dictate measures in order to satisfy the basic needs of the Uruguayan population.

“Work and salary are gears that move the economy as a whole, so with the July salary adjustments, not only retirees benefit, but also the sectors where workers pay their income,” said the union leader.

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