They warn about the black population that works in conditions of slavery in Brazil | News


The Minas Gerais Regional Superintendence of Labor registered this Friday that several black and northeastern people are working in inhumane conditions and enslaved in cane fields in that Brazilian region, a situation condemned since the abolition of slavery in 1988.


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In this sense, the agency specified that at least 500 workers were rescued by the Labor Tax Audit, of which 84 percent belong to the black population, and 57 percent come from the northeast region.

According to the coordinator of the Project to Prevent and Combat Slave Labor, Humberto Monteiro, 299 victims worked in sugarcane crops, especially in agricultural activities such as the production of charcoal, the cultivation of garlic and the raising of cattle.

He also added that public policies are necessary to mitigate the 350 years of legalized slavery in the country, which means that these people, free before the law, do not enjoy this full right.

It is worth mentioning that Minas Gerais is the Brazilian state with the most actions aimed at eliminating conditions similar to slavery in the area; accordingly, 22 employers were subjected to audits after it was confirmed that they kept 368 enslaved workers.

Likewise, regions such as Goiás and Mato Grosso do Sul have promoted operations to rescue enslaved people in the territories; In each of the first states, he executed seven tax actions that allowed saving a total of 29 citizens.

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