They warn about damages in protected areas of Mexico after fires | News


The National Forestry Commission reported this Wednesday that 65 forest fires remain active in Mexico as a result of drought and heat, generating a negative impact on natural reserves.


Control fire at Pemex refinery in southern Mexico

According to the authorities, forest fires take place in 15 states of the country, among which are Tamaulipas (the most affected), Nuevo León, Sinaloa, Oaxaca, Sonora and Veracruz.

At the moment nine Protected Natural Areas (ANP) are registered in conflagration; among them, the El Cielo biosphere reserve in Tamaulipas has 6,000 hectares affected and 80 percent liquidated.

Other affected protected areas are Calakmul (Campeche), La Encrucijada (Chiapas), and La Sepultura (Chiapas), where there are two active fires.

More than 2,000 fighters are involved in containing the blazes, while helicopters are used to drop water on the burned lands and speed up the control of the blazes.

The persistence of the fire was also reported, for 13 days, in Güemez. 60 percent, of the 1,484 hectares under the embers, was controlled.

Meanwhile, the fire identified in San Miguel Chimalapa, Oaxaca, has calmed down to 80 percent, although it has persisted for 11 days and affects 2,000 hectares.

With this figure, the fifty events reported last Sunday are exceeded and the preliminary hectares affected amount to 29,228.

The World Meteorological Organization has stated that “the northern hemisphere is warming faster than the rest of the planet. That heat dries out the forests and increases the risk of fire.”

Therefore, it is necessary for the states of the region to develop control strategies that help preserve the natural space in the face of climate change.

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