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Uruguay's main opposition party, Frente Amplio, criticized Thursday that the measures announced by President Luis Lacalle Pou the day before leave out "70 percent of the country's families."


Unemployment in Uruguay reaches 8.5% in January

According to the left-wing organization, the opposition welcomes the tax relief announced by Lacalle Pou, but assessed that "the tax waiver, which would be around 150 million dollars, is a very small figure," said the senator of that training, Mario Bergara.

In this sense, he pointed out that the tax reduction "is 0.25 percent of the Product (Gross Domestic), it is a very modest tax waiver, an announcement that seems to be very weak in relation to what was going to be such a grandiose thing ”.

He qualified that although "150 million dollars are waived by adding taxes to companies and individuals, it must be remembered that in previous years due to the increase in VAT, personal income tax and IASS, an additional 100 million dollars were collected per year alone of taxes to the people.

He criticized that there is "neither the certainty of that figure nor how it discriminates between people and companies." "It seems rather that they are beginning to return what was additionally charged in previous years" and rated the ads as "weak considering the grandiose expectations that were had."

He denounced that the tax reductions "for the 70 percent of low-income Uruguayan families there are no measures, these measures do not affect those who do not pay personal income tax and IASS, which are practically three quarters of the population."

Also a senator from the Broad Front, Alejandro Sánchez, said that he heard the president's accountability “and it seems that we live in different countries” because “Uruguay has changed for the worse and there is no discourse that can hide it. In 2022, 66,000 people fell into poverty compared to 2019, of which 21,000 are minors. Since 2019, the number of people who went to the (Ministry of Social Development) Mides to avoid sleeping on the street has doubled. In 2019 there were 2,890. In 2022 there were 6,689”.

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