They use an AI to see what King Charles III of England would look like if he were poor and lived on the street

The images generated with Artificial Intelligence show a King Carlos III living in misery and without any of the clothes he is used to wearing

Photo: Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images

George Walker, the talented digital creator, surprised his followers on social media by sharing a series of Shocking images that show what King Charles III of the United Kingdom would look like if he were poor and lived on the streets.

Using the help of Artificial Intelligence, Walker managed to recreate a fictional situation that contrasts drastically with the reality of the monarch. and the opulence in which he has lived his entire life.

Images generated with the assistance of Midjourneyan advanced AI tool, revealed a heartbreaking aspect of the king, completely removed from the luxuries and privileges associated with his position.

In these representations, King Carlos III could be seen with a sad expression among piles of garbage bags, dressed in dirty and worn clothes. The harshness of the scene revealed the harsh reality faced by those who live in destitution.

The contrast between the generated images and the actual image of the monarch was striking. During his reign, Carlos III has been known for his elegance and sophistication, always surrounded by luxury and comfort.. However, George Walker managed to use the technology to ccreate a vivid depiction of what the king's life would be like if he found himself in a situation of extreme poverty.

These images generated a profound impact on social networks, sparking reflection on social inequalities and the importance of recognizing the privileges that some enjoy while others struggle to survive. The ability of Artificial Intelligence to recreate these fictitious situations confronts us with an uncomfortable reality and invites us to question our own prejudices and perceptions.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is a powerful artificial intelligence tool which has been used by George Walker to generate shocking images of King Carlos III in a situation of poverty. Midjourney excels in its ability to create realistic and detailed renderings from text input or reference images.

Midjourney's operation is based on advanced imaging algorithms, using neural networks and deep learning. Midjourney's AI is trained on a large amount of visual data, allowing you to understand patterns, styles, and specific features of an image. This information is used to generate new images that are consistent and relevant based on the input provided.

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