They threw popcorn at Neymar; He confronted a fan after a draw against Venezuela

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Brazil He was unable to defeat Venezuela in the Conmebol Qualifiers, which caused annoyance among fans. Heading to the locker room, Neymar they threw a popcorn bucketwhich caused annoyance to the player, who confronted the alleged perpetrator.

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The bucket of popcorn fell on his head. Neymar, who immediately looked at the stands and began to complain to a fan who was waving his arm at him. Things didn't get any worse.

The captain of the Brazilian team described the event as sad because I did not “come on vacation.”

"It's something sad. Very sad. I didn't come here on vacation. And even less to walk. I came to do what I love most, which is to play soccer and defend my country," Neymar mentioned at a press conference.

For his part, Fernando Diniz, coach of the Brazil national team, considered it disrespectful that popcorn was thrown at the footballer.

"I completely disapprove. Insulting and booing, everything is fine. Throwing a package of popcorn doesn't do anyone any good. It's a lack of respect for those who came to play and tried to do their best," he said.

Brazil and Venezuela tied 1-1, where striker Eduard Bello gave Vinotinto a historic draw with a bicycle kick in the 85th minute, after the five-time world champions went ahead with a header from defender Gabriel Magalhaes in the 50th minute.

Equality made Brazil (7 points) lost the lead in the tie with Argentina (9), as well as its perfect performance, after having beaten Bolivia 5-1 and defeated Peru 1-0 in September, in the first double date.


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