They threw cans at the Colombian team and James Rodríguez confronted the fans at a press conference

James Rodríguez is one of the main players in the failure of the Colombian team.

Photo: DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP / Getty Images

The results do not finish arriving for the Colombian soccer team that this Friday fell again for the South American Qualifiers to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, this time against a parsimonious Peru.

The New Granadans lost at home and the fans could not stand the defeat, so the vast majority whistled for the players led by Reinaldo Rueda, while another tiny group took the opportunity to insult and throw cans of alcohol and soda at the players They were about to enter the locker room.

A player with a lot of experience and a benchmark in Colombia as he is James Rodríguez rejected this fact and took the opportunity to send a strong message not only to the violent, but to all the Colombian fans who want to see their country again in a World Cup.

“I'm a bit uncomfortable about the reaction from the stands. Both they and we want to go to the World Cup and I think we should all be on the same page and have the same faith. It's not possible for them to throw cans and things at us at the end of the match."

James Rodriguez

Important contrast between the final whistles to the initial ovation. In Barranquilla, the fans turned to James when his name was announced at the stadium.

And not only the midfielder who currently plays for Qatar's Al-Rayyan complained about this fact, but also the midfielder Juan Guillermo Cuadrado - who is going through a sweet football moment - condemned this and his annoyance was evident even at the exit of the stadium, when He refused to give statements to journalists present.

For now, Colombia has a very negative streak. In the last six games they have only achieved four draws and two defeats, quite poor numbers for a team that seeks to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar that will be played at the end of the year.

Colombia is sixth in the South American classification with 17 points, while Peru with the victory is in fourth place with 20 units.


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