They take down a taxi driver “red-handed” in Veracruz (VIDEO)

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A peculiar video circulates on social networks where A subject is seen robbing a tortilla shop in broad daylight in Veracruz without anyone intervening to prevent crime.

That's how it is, A man driving a taxi unit in Xalapa was recorded on a store video surveillance camera at the time he took several bags of dough, leaving the community without tortillas.

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Through social networks The material was released in which the taxi driver, whose identity is unknown, stole several bags of kilos of dough which was on a table that was on the street sidewalk.

It is known that the theft occurred on the morning of Wednesday, September 20, around 7:48 the man took advantage of the low influx of people to carry out the robbery and flee aboard the vehicle registered with the license plates XL 8665.

According to the clip, which lasts 1 minute and 4 seconds, You can see how the man without hesitation parks near where the aforementioned table with the product to be stolen is located.Once parked, he exits the vehicle and goes around the back to open the right rear door of the unit.

Then, He looks around hoping that no one sees him and stealthily takes the bag. which contained several kilos of dough and immediately loaded them into the back seats of the car, arranged them so that they could not be seen with the naked eye, closed the door and got into the taxi and then disappeared from the area.

After the events, the comments did not stopbecause while some users took the action as a mockery or joke, others regretted the fact and some warned people from getting on this unit, saying "it could be dangerous."



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