They take away resources from Immigration; They give them to the Mayan Train

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Francisco Garfias.

Not even 24 hours had passed since Morena and remoras in the Chamber of Deputies gave the green light to the extinction of 13 trusts of the Judicial Branch, which total more than 15 billion pesos, when the blow came to the National Migration Institute.

The pro-government deputies approved the creation of a new trust for the Mayan Train, for around 17 billion pesos, which will be managed by an Army company.

The problem is that to fund the new trust, resources that are charged to foreign tourists for the right of entry will be used.

These resources totaled 24,435 million pesos last year. 20 percent of this total was allocated to the INM to support its mission of guaranteeing the security and human rights of migrants entering Mexico.

Morenistas, greens and petistas reformed the Law to cancel the provision of granting that percentage to the Institute.

It is difficult to believe that this blow to the Institute has occurred in the midst of the migratory crisis, four days after it took place, in Palenque, Chiapas; the summit “For a Fraternal and Well-being Neighborhood”, promoted by AMLO.

Gustavo Petro is invited to that meeting, Colombia; Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba; Xiomara Castro, Honduras; Ariel Henry ,Haiti; Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela; Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador; and Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala.

The president does not lead by example. His gesture shows us that his obsession with the Mayan Train is greater than ensuring the safety and well-being of migrants.


López Obrador, by the way, wants to send to purgatory the workers of the Judicial Branch who, for the third consecutive day, took to the streets to protest against the dispossession of the 15 billion pesos.

“Defending privileges is a social sin,” he said yesterday from his morning pulpit, while again asking workers not to be “deceived.”

“They are not privileges. “They are our rights,” the workers say on their slogans and blankets. These resources, according to the SCJN, are associated with complementary pensions, year-end bonuses and extraordinary medical support.

PJ workers throughout the country yesterday announced a national strike until October 24

The minister of the SCJN, Luis María Aguilar, also criticized AMLO. In a video broadcast by JusticiaTV, he said:

“The Constitution is really our guide, not the particular and momentary interests of politics or certain social groups. “What interests us is enforcing the Constitution, which is the true voice of the people of Mexico.”


Alejandro Armenta, candidate for the government of Puebla, goes straight to purgatory for having committed “social sin.” The senator of the Plural Group, Germán Martínez, stated on the stand that the previous president of the Board of Directors earned 927 thousand pesos monthly.

He broke it down like this: diet, 120 thousand pesos; support for advisors, 130 thousand pesos; subsidy from the parliamentary group, 206 thousand pesos; variable subsidy in kind, 132 thousand pesos; advisors, 200 thousand pesos; expenses inherent to the position, 140 thousand.

“No minister of the Court wins that,” he stressed.

German sent Ana Lilia Rivera, Armenta's successor as president of the Board of Directors, a letter in which he requests that she be informed of the expenditure related to the budget ceiling that Senator Armenta enjoyed, in his personal capacity, during the legislative year that presided over the table.

“I hope that it is not a reason to deny my request that the full Senate may have approved the corresponding budget exercise. “I am not looking for the validity of the expenditure, but for accountability,” says the letter from the senator of the plural group.

In short, he told us that the annualized expenditure of the board of directors – in the Armenta era – was 100 million pesos. He acknowledged that Rivera is willing to respond to her request for transparency.

Armenta was questioned in Puebla about Germán's accusations. After asking the reporters for “love and peace,” he told them: “You work for Nacho (Mier), don't worry.”


Among so many bad ones, one good one. The savings tax will not increase from 0.15 percent to 2.48 percent proposed in the economic package for 2024 that the Executive sent to Congress

“Marcelista” deputies assure that the SHCP and the Morena bench have already authorized the modification of the Income Bill so that this proposal disappears

Deputy Carol Antonio Altamirano announced that the ruling bloc (Morena-PT-PVEM) is going to present a reservation to the aforementioned Law that eliminates the increase in the savings tax.

He assured that the proposal was designed in a technical table in which SHCP officials and Ignacio Mier, coordinator of the cherry bench in San Lázaro, participated.


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