They take action against a judge who prevents the electoral result from being made official in Guatemala | News

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Representatives of the Seed Movement presented this Sunday before the Constitutional Court (CC) of Guatemala a complaint against the resolution issued unilaterally by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), Silvia Valdés, which prevents the officialization of the results of the first round of elections.


President of the Supreme Court prevents officializing electoral results in Guatemala

A national prosecutor from Semilla, Juan Guerrero, declared to the press that with this legal action it is sought that the election of last June 25 does not continue to be trapped and that the second electoral round can continue.

The run-off is scheduled for August 20 and Bernardo Arévalo (Semilla) and Sandra Torres (National Unity of Hope) will measure forces in it.

Guerrero denounced that the CSJ suspended the adjudication of elected public offices on June 25 and also the call for the second round with the two parties that obtained the most votes in the first round.

He maintained that Valdés "could not make a unilateral decision that was not supported by the rest of the magistrates." The CSJ is made up of a total of 13.

Based on this, they requested the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to make official the results of the first round of the elections and that, as the highest authority in electoral matters, "make the decision to continue with the procedure designated in the provisional protection." said.

The aforementioned resolution was issued alone by Judge Valdés last Friday. Previously, the results were not made official as nine political parties filed an appeal to review the voting records. This process practically concluded and only detected changes in the order of 0.02-0.4 percent in the electoral result.

During these days, indigenous communities announced that they will mobilize if the electoral result is not recognized. This Saturday, hundreds of students marched in Guatemala City and demanded that the courts respect the popular vote.

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