They shield the heritage of the military

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Ruben Cortes.

It is the most recent demonstration of the president's phobia of information transparency: he shielded the asset declaration of 23 military engineers responsible for AIFA. That's how he is, since he shielded everything on the 2nd Floors of the Peripheral.

But, that: being under public scrutiny, is the price that the Mexican military is paying for having gotten into politics, during the current government, after over many six-year terms they took refuge in institutional apolitical coldness.

Because General Crescencio Sandoval placed himself under the orders of the president, when he removed the businessmen from political power and brought in the military, to establish the invasive power of weapons, as in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua.

Although, whatever the case, by shielding the asset declaration of 23 military engineers responsible for AIFA, the president does what he is used to: violating the law, since asset declarations are to be accountable, to be transparent and to avoid corruption.

Nor is it that the law matters to this president, who warned on April 6: "Don't come to me with that story that the law is the law." And even less if it is the Army, the sector in which most of its power rests.

However, the fact is that, despite not having consequences at this time, the military is under the magnifying glass of the part of society concerned about the increase in corruption, during the current administration.

That is why it is known that the partner of an Army supplier company sold the general secretary a luxury apartment, measuring 407 square meters, in Bosque Real, Huixquilucan. In exchange, the partner obtained a juicy contract from the Army.

It is a department of 30 million, but the general secretary got it for 9 million. Let's not forget that the general says that "for us it is a sign of pride to be able to contribute to the national project that the president promotes from his government."

In addition, the general himself (plus wife, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, mother-in-law, friends and friends) goes on shopping jets, walks and dinners to New York, Moscow or Florence, Denver, Milan, Rome, Santo Domingo and Colorado : paid by the treasury.

As long as Castrochavista populism rules in Mexico, the military will be protected. But it does not hurt to know that they are public servants and are due to the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities and Transparency and Access to Public Information.

And the Court has already reestablished the INAI, crushed by the current president, although that institution was one of the main achievements of our democratic transition and was used by the political group that governs today to uncover cases of corruption.

Of course, when it was opposition.

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