They sell up to S/100 gallons of water due to a massive cut of this resource

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In block 8 of Jirón Ayacucho, in the commercial area of ​​Mesa Redonda, sales of drums and bins have doubled. | RPP

Gallons of water increased their price by up to S/100 after the cutoff of this resource in Lima was announced. Let us remember that the Drinking Water and Sewage Service of Lima (Sedapal) announced that starting Friday, October 6, water resources will be suspended in 22 districts of the capital.

Several citizens have attended the Central Market and Round table to supply gallons of water, as well as bins, buckets and other containers that are used to store this resource. The sale of these containers has doubled in the last 24 hours.

A citizen told this media that the cost of the drums It can be up to S/100.

“I am evaluating the cost of the drums. I found them for 100 soles here, in the Central Market, but I'm going to go to Makro to compare prices. I hope to buy 7 bins, because I will need them to wash clothes, for consumption and because I have pets,” he told the newspaper. The Republic.

Another person said he paid S/80 for each gallon to store water. He added that he bought two and would return to purchase more because it will be insufficient to store everything he will need while the service remains suspended.

“Everyone is buying. We are all affected with water cut. People who live in the hills are worse, because they don't have enough money to buy gallons,” he said.

Citizens who are affected by the water cut will be able to access these points to obtain supplies. (Composition: Infobae)
Citizens who are affected by the water cut will be able to access these points to obtain supplies. (Composition: Infobae)

An older adult citizen also reported that she bought several bins to store water. He explained that each container cost him more than S / 43 and that he acquired them because he will need the resource to cook.

He asked Sedapal Do not make excessive charges for the use of water service before turning it off.

“I have bought quite a few bins because we are several families. There are children and we will miss them water. Each tank cost me S/43.40, wholesale. It's expensive, but what are we going to do? “It is for food,” she indicated.

One of the people consulted about the prices of the containers commented that Sedapal It should provide water during certain hours. In that sense, he mentioned that between each schedule they could continue with maintenance.

“They should give water for hours to collect at the moment and not have to accumulate the same water for several days. (...) In my family, there are six of us, we have two cats, three dogs, several roosters and chickens,” she said.

Sedapal announced that it will suspend the water service between Friday, October 6 and Tuesday, October 10 in 22 districts of Lima.

However, the Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Hania Pérez de Cuellar, clarified that the resource will not be cut off for the 4 days in total.

Along these lines, he assured that, in 19 districtsthe water will be restored after two days of being interrupted.

Sedapal announces water cut: Which districts will be affected? | TV Peru

Are jurisdictions They are Santiago de Surco, Barranco, San Borja, Surquillo, Miraflores, San Isidro and La Molina, El Agustino, Ate, Santa Anita, San Luis, Cieneguilla, San Juan de Lurigancho, San Martín de Porres, Rímac, Independencia, La Victoria and Enclosed.

On the other hand, in the districts of Villa El Salvador, Chorrillos, San Juan de Miraflores and Villa María del Triunfo the water service Yes, it will remain suspended for the 4 days mentioned.

“In these three districts [Chorrillos, San Juan de Miraflores y Villa María del Triunfo] Sedapal"The Ministry of Housing and the municipalities have taken the precautions to guarantee that there is supply in schools, hospitals and medical centers, and water will also be distributed at some points that are being finalized with the municipalities," Pérez de Cuellar reported. .

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