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Groups of Peruvian congressmen, one of them from the ruling party of Free Peru, presented this Thursday several projects to reform the Constitution that seek to reduce the term of office of President Pedro Castillo and Parliament until 2023, along with early elections for choose successors.


Peruvian Congress delays decision on Constituent Assembly

The ruling party group presented a legislative initiative that proposes reducing President Castillo’s term to just two years, until July 28, 2023, after having been elected in 2021 for a five-year term.

The bill, whose author is the legislator Pasión Dávila, entered Congress this Thursday and seeks a constitutional reform to modify the term of office of the head of state, the vice president, Diana Boluarte, and the 130 congressmen elected in the elections general last year.

Only three days ago, President Pedro Castillo sent another constitutional reform project to the Legislature to hold a referendum in October of this year to consult the population if it approves the call for a constituent to draft a new Magna Carta.

According to those of the leftist caucus, the interest in reducing the presidential mandate is due to the crisis of legitimacy that exists in the political environment, as they expressed in their statement of reasons for the bill.

In addition, they cited surveys in which 60 percent of the population supports an eventual advancement of the elections, in such a way that it raises the need to lead to a democratic transition to get out of the political confrontation between the Executive and Legislative.

The supporters of Peru Libre in Congress who presented this initiative assure that the norm will strengthen the Peruvian political and democratic system, since the reduction of the presidential and legislative mandate is a constitutional and democratic solution.

In the same way, they assure that they seek to strengthen the legitimacy in the representation and in the conservation of the positions of the authorities elected by popular vote.

Meanwhile, the opposition legislator Digna Calle also presented this Thursday a constitutional reform project such as Podemos Peru, which seeks to reduce the presidential and parliamentary mandate until July 2023 and proposes advancing the elections to March of that same year.

Calle stressed that the cause of this initiative is the political crisis that the country is going through, the discontent of the people and the convulsion generated by the social protests.

In turn, he added that the proposal for a new ruler and new legislators to assume power in July 2023 would allow a peaceful solution to the political and economic crisis in Peru since Castillo took office.

Castillo, a left-wing school teacher and union leader, has governed amid unprecedented political instability since taking office, passing through four separate Cabinets and surviving two impeachment attempts in just nine months in office.

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