They say that Clara Chía Martí has ​​changed her way of being since her relationship with Gerard Piqué became official

The Gerard Piqué's new girlfriend, Clara Chía Martíhas changed his attitude once his relationship with former soccer player Gerard Piqué has become official.

Gone are the moments of mystery, of hiding from the cameras and the public eye. Today, Clara Chia and also the businessman, Pique appear in public without much hesitation.

Nearby sources and paparazzi from Spain, they affirm that Clara Chía has changedof feeling intimidated by the worldwide attention that began to receive as a result of the rumor of a possible romance with Shakira's ex-partner, She has to be quite comfortable with her role as consort.

This is what the presenters of the Spanish podcast have said 'mamarazzis'who they affirm that Clara is no longer the same. "She begins to feel very comfortable in her role as first lady"Laura Fa, co-host of the podcast, told the portal 'El Periódico'.

Likewise, sources close to Piqué's current girlfriend affirm that, "They have already noticed a change in her attitude that they did not expect."

For her part, the presenter of the 'Mamarazzis' podcast highlights that it is “a change for the worse, let it be understood”.

In the meantime, Clara has not spoken publicly about these statements. However, Laura Fa stated that she is interested in interviewing Piqué's current partner to find out her version.

At the time, when Piqué's romance with the young woman was only discovered shortly after he separated from Shakira, the paparazzi Jordi Martin, known for closely following Piqué and Shakira, commented that Clara was having a hard time: “They tell me that she (Clara Chía) does not even go to work at the Kosmos headquarters anymore, if not that she teleworks from home, she is not strong,” said the paparazzi.

Even the same paparazzi commented that Clara was "shattered" by the impact that knowing her relationship with Piqué was having on her life.

However, that has now changed. After Shakira and Piqué reached an agreement on the custody of their children, Clara Chía is more comfortable and relaxed.

A few days before the retreat Pique and the agreement with the Colombian singer, the former soccer player and Clara were seen in a show of the 'Wizard Pop'. They attended the event as a couple and did not hide their signs of love in public.

Subsequently, Piqué and the streamer Ibai Llanos presented a soccer league in video game format, the 'kings league'event to which, Clara Chía attended as the official bride.

The former soccer player arrived accompanied by his current girlfriend and, according to the presenters of the aforementioned podcast, they both seemed quite comfortable already. Clara very comfortable with the role of "Piqué's girlfriend".

Laura Ra affirms that, although it has been rumored that the couple will go to live in the house in Barcelona, ​​a place that was at the time "the love nest" of Shakira and Piqué, the presenter of the podcast maintains that This house will be put up for sale.

For its part, Shakira hopes to leave Barcelona as soon as possible and start her new life next to her children in her home in Miami.

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