They say goodbye to Diego Verdaguer in the Basilica of Guadalupe, where part of his ashes will remain

Amanda Miguel and her daughter Ana Victoria attend mass in memory of Diego Verdaguer.

Photo: Alejandro Mendoza / Reforma Agency

A few weeks after the death of Diego Verdaguer, his wife amanda michael And your daughter Anna Victoria They called for a mass that took place this Sunday in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, where they asked for the eternal rest of the Argentine.

My husband had great faith in Godthat faith that made him create continuously, with that faith, everything he proposed and created, he converted and achieved, he converted faith into action. He was an excellent husband, with him I was able to talk and share my life with absolute happiness. and I was able to share, understand each other even in the most difficult issues of our coexistence that we always resolved with love and respect for ourselves, our family and our public”, said the widow at the end of the sermon.

When we met, we recognized each other as eternal loves and we swore to live together and respect each other because we always believed in the concept of the family as the most beautiful thing that exists in this world since love and respect, as well as the values ​​and virtues within the family, affect everything related to our world and its survival, ”he added. in tears.

The mass, in which an image of the singer, ashes and different flower arrangements were placed, was attended by celebrities such as Maribel Guardia, Julián Figueroa, Samo, Aída Cuevas, Dulce La Cantante and Gloria Trevi.

“(I saw Amanda) Strong, calm, I think they loved each other very much and that is the important thing. I have several memories, we have a very nice relationship, They were my godparents at the wedding, a great example as a couple and as a singer,” Trevi said as he left the venue.

“I think that Diego had the great fortune to meet his grandson, to have a super fulfilled life and at mass they talked about something very beautiful that, when you are with God, it is like a tree with your roots and leaves always by your side” , shared the singer of “Everyone watches me”.

On the other hand, Amanda and Ana Victoria commented that they will finalize the plans that Diego Verdaguer left in the inkwell.

Diego had all the dreams he had ever had because he was a tireless creatorwas a man who spent his life creating from the time he got up until he went to bed and has left some projects completed and others not so much, but we are going to honor his life by trying to fulfill all his dreams as long as we have that will to do it,” said the interpreter of “He lied to me.”

On January 27, Verdaguer died in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 70 due to complications from Covid-19.

The interpreter of “Volveré” was admitted to a hospital since December; the family commented that they chose to keep his health condition a secret due to a personal decision.

We never imagined such an outcome in history; we don’t have to say everything either, we have identified ourselves as a family that knows how to divide the show into a clear line and what is your house, your home, your loves, your silences, it was not something that we had the desire to communicate for reasons personal,” said the daughter.

Regarding the controversy that arose where Ana indicated that she was vaccinated, but Diego’s other daughter, Gimena, confirmed that she did not have the dose against the coronavirus, the family regretted the misunderstanding and clarified.

“Sometimes there are misunderstandings, we regret the misunderstanding, We did not want to create that confusion, but there is a press release that shows the official information, let us return to it especially at this time. In this temple, it is not an important issue, the important thing is that he left us a very great lesson, a great example of family, a great father, an exemplary husband, that is the greatest lesson for everyone at this time”, said Ana Victoria .

The widow and her daughter confirmed that there is a good relationship with Gimena, the result of Diego’s previous marriage.

“The relationship with my sister is very good, it always was, everything that my father created is beautiful, he always instilled in my mother and me that we were a beautiful family and other of his great dreams are really being fulfilled now that he is gone. because we are all super united”, said Ana.

A part of the ashes of the also producer will remain in the Basilica, in the capital, while another part will rest in Hollywood.

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