They reveal that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson partied in full confinement and sparks controversy


At the time of the party, gatherings of more than one person in the open air were prohibited.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie Johnson participated in a social gathering with alcoholic beverages at the Head of Government headquarters, Downing Street, on May 20, 2020, in full confinement by COVID, British media reported today.

More than a hundred employees from the prime minister’s office were invited to the party where each participant was required to “bring their own bottle,” as Johnson’s private secretary Martin Reynolds specified in an email.

The television channel “ITV” confirmed today the information advanced this Sunday by the newspaper “The Sunday Times” that Johnson and his partner participated in the celebration.

So far, the prime minister’s office has not denied that he was present.

The message sent by Reynolds to Downing Street employees urged to “take advantage of the good weather” while having “drinks with social distance”.

That email, obtained exclusively on television, encouraged all recipients to “join in at 6:00 pm and bring their own alcoholic beverage.”

Some 40 people participated in the meeting, in which they ate picnic snacks and consumed alcohol, according to “ITV News.”

At that time, the confinement rules allowed only one person to be reunited in the open air and within a distance of two meters.

The celebration, the existence of which was suggested on Friday on his personal blog by former Johnson super-advisor Dominic Cummings, adds to recent reports of playful celebrations in Downing Street during the months of lockdown and restrictions in 2020.

On December 20, the newspaper “The Guardian” published a photo of the prime minister and his wife chatting in a friendly manner and with glasses of wine in the gardens of their residence with collaborators.

Even more anger was sparked by images of Johnson’s press team joking about hiding from the public an alleged Christmas party that had taken place at the government headquarters on December 19, 2020.

The internal investigation being led by a senior British official, Sue Gray, into the holding of alleged parties in Downing Street is expected to examine new evidence pointing to the social gathering to which Johnson’s own secretary invited.

The “number two” of the Labor opposition, Angela Rayner, stressed today in statements to “ITV” that it is “vital” that Gray has access to all the information necessary to carry out his investigation, even if it means interviewing the first man himself. Minister.

“It’s awful. A lot of people, looking at the evidence now, will not only think that Boris Johnson is getting caught by his own lies, but they will see that it is despicable that when they were being told to follow the rules, Johnson and his team were violating them, “said Rayner. .

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