They reveal how much it costs to buy personal information stolen by hackers on the Internet

Over the years, security agencies have carried out exhaustive investigations to reveal the hidden secrets of the Dark Web. These raids have provided shocking insight into the illegal business that takes place in this dark corner of the internet.

The results of these investigations reveal a wide range of criminal activities ranging from identity theft to trading sensitive financial information. The data obtained, collected in the Dark Web Price Index 2023show that a thriving black market exists on the dark web where stolen credit card data, hacked bank accounts and compromised payment processing services are sold.

The prices associated with these illicit products are both shocking and alarming. For example, credit card details with balances up to $5,000 sell for an average of $110while hacked bank accounts of major financial institutions are worth several thousand dollars. Credit card details with balances up to $1,000 sell for around $70.

Not only financial data is traded, but compromising services are also sold at surprising prices. For example, access to a UK bank account is worth $4,200, while a verified PayPal account with balances over $8,000 can be had for $54. DDoS attack services to destabilize websites are even offered for prices ranging from $10 for an hour of attack to $750 for a month of attacks on an unprotected website.

It is important to note that these activities are illegal and subject to legal prosecution. Security agencies, in collaboration with cybersecurity experts, are working hard to combat and dismantle these criminal networks on the Dark Web. These investigations not only shed light on the dangers associated with illegal activity online, but also help educate users about the importance of protecting their personal and financial information.

As a last resort, investigations by security agencies have provided a stark and realistic view of the illegal businesses that thrive on the Dark Web. They remind us of the need to always be alert and aware of the risks we face in the digital world. Collaboration between governments, companies and users is essential to protect our security online and stop the growth of these criminal activities.

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