They reveal how clients subdued suspect and thus stopped the

They reveal how clients subdued suspect and thus stopped the shooting at the Colorado nightclub

After the man lunged at the suspect, several other people managed to disarm him and stop the shooting.

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

As bullets tore through a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and wounding many more, a patron who had been out partying moments before swung into action, seizing a gun from the suspect, beating him with it and pinning him until police arrived minutes later.

He was one of at least two clients that police and City officials credit the gunman’s arrest and limiting bloodshed in Saturday night’s shooting at Club Q.

“Had that individual not intervened, this could have been exponentially more tragic,” Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers said.

Matthew Haynes, founding member of Club Q and Nic Grzecka, co-owner of Club Q, arrived at the club minutes after the emergency call was made and saw people doing everything they could to help others get into ambulances, find car keys and phones inside, and getting people medical treatment.

They also learned of the courageous actions of a hitherto unidentified customer, who allegedly ran directly at the shooter when he opened fire.

He saved dozens and dozens of lives, he stopped the man in his tracks,” Haynes said.

Stories of heroism have surfaced, with several witnesses and Suthers saying that multiple people at the bar, whether patrons, employees or both, subdued the shooter until police arrived.

Police identified the suspected gunman as 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich.who was in custody and was being treated for injuries.

A law enforcement official said the suspect used an AR-15-style semi-automatic weapon in the attack, but a handgun and additional ammunition magazines were also recovered. The official was unable to publicly discuss details of the investigation.

The police chief, Adrián Vásquez, he thanked the two clubgoers who stepped in to stop the shooter.

“While the suspect was inside the club, at least two heroic people within the club confronted and fought with the suspect and were able to stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others. We owe them a great debt of thanks.”

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