They reveal a video of Rodolfo Hernandez at a controversial party on a yacht in Miami; ‘they are desperate’, he replies


Two days before the elections (second round) in Colombia, a video was revealed about the presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández.

In the images obtained by the Colombian media ChangeHernández is seen aboard a yacht with at least 11 women and businessmen. Other attendees are her children, Luis Carlos and Rodolfo José Hernández.

Depending on the medium, expenses were covered by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, interested in expanding its business in Colombia, and several of its executives were present.

It had been a month since various fragments of the video were released on social networks, but it was not until this Friday that the full video was released. According to Cambio, the luxurious yacht It is worth 4.5 million dollars and renting it for six hours around 5 thousand dollars.

The video shows the presidential candidate ssitting at a table, next to the DJ console and whispering in the ear of one of the women. Then she dancesOld horse” while reclining his head, in one of the women present there.

In another video, he dances with another young woman”Live the life”, while at other times he simply silently witnesses the party, which according to Change sIt happened on October 9, 2021.

After the video was broadcast, Hernández, through Twitter, expressed that his opponents are desperate.

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