They rescue collective memory with murals

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OAXACA. Oax.— The Binni Cubi Collective (new people) of the indigenous Zapotec community of Unión Hidalgo, in the region of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, made up of girls, boys and adolescents, paints colorful murals that recognize the most endearing inhabitants of the town, through your nickname or nickname.

The collective memory rescue project began in September 2020, during the covid pandemic and three years after the earthquakes of September 2017, in which lives were lost and there was severe damage to homes. Painting the murals was an exercise in resilience that favored the urban image of the Binnizá people.

The idea of ​​capturing 54 images, similar to the lottery game cards, aims to leave a visual record and pay tribute to those popular characters who existed or still exist in Unión Hidalgo," commented José Arenas, activist and founder of the Collective.

He mentioned that in Oaxacan communities it is very common to have the home or business of a person with their nickname as a street location reference.

Before this project, he said, the young artists did not know the inhabitants or their nickname, until they captured it in the murals two meters high by 1.30 centimeters wide.

The young artists took on the task of researching, talking about it with their grandparents, mothers and fathers and getting involved in the collective memory of their people, and unintentionally, a meeting between generations occurred,” he said.

In the streets you can see the murals of Foal, Comb, Chamoy, Barbie, Barber, Miller, Titanic, Lightning, Palmerito, Mustache, among others, those that refer to men and women from the municipality of Unión Hidalgo, known as Ranchú Gubiña.

Once the character is chosen, they look for him to tell him if he has space on the facade of his house, if not, a wall close to the home or business of the chosen one is looked for, to paint "the nickname or alias."

To date, the civil initiative has 46 urban murals of the “nickname lottery” of community figures. The most recent is dedicated to Rogelio Robles López, Camellia. The mural is located on Nacozari Avenue.

The first stage of the self-managed project consists of painting 54 murals, subsequently, the printed lottery will be prepared.

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