They repave 500 kilometers in Coyoacán

They repave 500 kilometers in Coyoacán
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The Coyoacán mayor's office repaved more than 500 kilometers of roads, reported its owner Giovani Gutierrez.

This weekend the mayor gave the neighbors 15 thousand square meters of relining in the Pedregal de Carrasco neighborhood and 4,793 in Copilco El Bajo.

The objective is to provide the community with safe and well-maintained roads, in addition to reversing the deterioration of the streets after the rainy season.

Among the repaved roads is Mexico 1968 Street, located in Pedregal de Carrasco, which suffers from flooding every rainy season.

We continue to change the face of Coyoacán because we are a government of service. We repaved Villa Panamericana, we repaved Céfiro Street, essential because it connects with Periférico Sur, and today we are on Avenida México 68, which had not been maintained for a long time. We have already repaved more than 500 kilometers, the equivalent of Coyoacán to Guadalajara, or 75 times the Azteca Stadium,” said Gutiérrez.

The mayor's office has also repaired 61,110 square meters of sidewalks, 102,654 square meters of patching, cleared 662,062 square meters of drainage, and preventive and corrective maintenance on the hydraulic network with the replacement of 6,250 meters of drinking water pipes. .

War band contest held

The Coyoacán mayor's office hosted the First National Contest of Mini Libre War Bands and Free Copa Coyoacán that brought together 39 groups from seven states of the Republic.

The bands gathered in Alameda del Sur to participate in the meeting.

Groups with members from six to 17 years old participated in eleven months in the mini free category; while in the free category there was no age limit.

Mayor Giovani Gutiérrez highlighted the enthusiasm of children and young people, trained in values ​​and discipline, who paid tribute to the national symbols.


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