They reject the visit of the US secretary in Panama | News


Popular movements in Panama held a sit-in on Tuesday against the visit of the United States Secretary of State (USA), Antony Blinken, where they classify the White House envoy as persona non grata.


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The demonstration was held at the monument to the martyrs of January 9, 1964, on the Panamanian avenue of the same name, where the organizations stressed the need to remember the invasion of the El Chorrillo neighborhood on December 20, 1989, by the US government. , with many civilian deaths.

“The Panamanian people are respected, the memory of the martyrs of January 9 is respected, the victims of the invasion are respected, therefore, we do not accept that a country that has done so much damage to humanity, comes to give us orders. ”, reaffirmed the Single Union of Construction and Similar Workers (Suntracs).

Blinken arrives in the nation for the Ministerial Conference on Migration and Protection, in order to discuss collaboration on safe, orderly and humane migration throughout the hemisphere.

According to analysts, the official’s visit has as a previous context the repeal of the sanctions that established the immediate expulsion of migrants in the border areas with Mexico, which could increase illegal migration in the region.

Accordingly, the Broad Front for Democracy (FAD), specified that US imperialism is responsible for imposing neoliberalism, as well as promoting inequality and poverty, structural causes of migration.

According to data from the National Migration Service (SNM), from January to March 2022, 13,425 undocumented people moved through the Darién jungle on their way to the United States, 17 percent of them minors; while in 2021, in the same period, 5,622 migrants were registered.

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