They refuse to use funds from Honduran teachers for investment | News

The authorities of the National Institute for Teacher Prevision (Inprema), of Honduras, together with the teaching leadership and the transition commission of the new Government of Xiomara Castro, held a meeting this Tuesday to discuss the loan of Inprema to the Palmerola International Airport.


Investiture of Xiomara Castro as president of Honduras is being prepared

Since last week it emerged that Inprema’s transition commission was analyzing lending the equivalent of $ 110 million, however, the teacher’s request is that their pension funds not be put at risk.

The teachers’ reaction comes after, in a statement, Inprema authorities reported that the Palmerola International Airport is one of the many options that have been evaluated, since interest earnings could also be tenfold.

Pedro Barquero, on behalf of the president-elect, Xiomara Castro, declared after the meeting that the commitment was reached not to make the decision to make the investments in the Palmerola Airport because that contract will be reviewed.

In the morning, a group of teachers took over an avenue in the Honduran capital on Monday, in front of Inprema’s headquarters, to demand that no funds be granted for the construction of the airport.

Teachers from various parts of the country arrived with banners from different teacher organizations, where they demanded not to put their retirement and pension resources at risk.

Daniel Esponda, teacher leader, said that the commissioners of Imprema have told them that no contract has been signed to invest resources in Palmerola, or deposits or money transfers for the project.

According to the president of the Colegio de Pedagogos de Honduras (Colpedagogosh), Edwin Hernández, “The teaching profession had its first great victory by stopping the investment of 3,000 million lempiras from Inprema in Palmerola.”