They refine the landscape of the 'Resonances'; Sergio Vargas will participate in recital

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The young Mexican pianist Sergio Vargas Escoruela (Torreón, 2005) will participate in the recital Resonanceson Sunday, October 29 at 12:00 p.m., at the Italian Institute of Culture, in Coyoacán, where he will alternate on stage with the experienced pianist Alberto Cruzprieto and with other young instrumentalists such as Francisco García Torres, Eduardo Salmón and Rodrigo Zamora.

We are going to play different works as soloists and some four-hand pieces with maestro Alberto Cruzprieto. In my case, I'm going to play from the picture book Reflections in the water, by Claude Debussy; and with maestro Cruzprieto a sonata for four hands by Mozart,” he explained. A day later, the young pianist will have a meeting with young people from the DIF of Mexico City in the municipality of Melchor Ocampo (State of Mexico); and on November 17 he will perform with the Camerata de Coahuila, at the Isauro Martínez Theater, in Torreón.

Furthermore, he advanced Excelsior that next January he will release his first album as a soloist, which will include six sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti and the Ballad No. 2, by Franz Liszt. “It will be an interesting album that will address two different periods of music: Scarlatti, which corresponds to the baroque; and Liszt, of the romantic, so you can hear two facets that I hope the public likes and enjoys.”

And he added: “For me, Scarlatti's repertoire is interesting because they are short sonatas that reflect different characteristics of the sound, in which it is possible to notice a little of the Spanish influence that he received. While Liszt's music is full of contrasts and extraordinary expression."

FIRST RECORD. Sergio Vargas Escoruela's first album as a soloist, which will include works by Domenico Scarlatti and Franz Liszt, will be released in January 2024.

What does this first album represent in your young career? “I am very excited because not only my work will be captured, but that of all the people who have collaborated and supported me. I hope to continue improving (my work) and sharing with other people what I like, which is playing, and enjoying playing. And what I like most is to reflect, in the most sincere and humble way possible, what I want to express (through the piano), but also my ideas, my thoughts and my emotions.”

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How did you choose the repertoire? “As I am still in the learning process, my teacher Mariana Chabukiani was the one who helped me choose it; She is the one who tells me what works she considers optimal for me at that moment.”

Vargas Escoruela also announced that he will soon present a documentary to celebrate his first decade as an artist. “This documentary, which is already in its final stages of development, will celebrate the 10 years that I have been playing the piano, so it will be a compilation from when I was seven years old to date, with videos, photographs and interviews.”

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