They recognize the prose of the narrator Gonzalo Celorio

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The narrator, essayist and literary critic Gonzalo Celorio (Mexico City, 1948) you will receive the José Fuentes Mares National Literature Prize 2023which was awarded to him for his work Memory liesa tribute to teachers, colleagues and friends, in which the protagonists are the great authors of Latin American literature.

In this volume, published by Tusquets in 2022, Celorio gives an account of some of the literary dialogues that he shared with writers such as Julio Cortázar, Carlos Fuentes, Augusto Monterroso, Umberto Eco, Dulce María Loynaz and Juan Rulfo, among others.

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A mentidero is a place where people gather to speculate and it is also understood as a public space where people gather to talk, to suspect, to ideate, and this is what I do in this book; "In itself it is a space where there are speculations, imaginations and recreations of literary texts," said the author of Self-love (1992), And the earth trembles in its centers (1999) and Three pretty Cuban women (2006).

The award ceremony will take place on October 27, at 7:00 p.m., at the Central Library of the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez (UACJ Carlos Montemayor.

According to the Planeta publishing house, Celorio has an exceptional command of language, in which he combines his literary profession with that of an editor and a long career as an academic at UNAM. Furthermore, his passion for the Spanish language has been exercised as a full member of the Mexican Academy of Language, of which he is currently President.


Doris Arellano Manzo, plastic artist, originally from San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, will present her exhibition starting October 27 Bloom from my rootsin the Cultural Center of the Institute of Legal Sciences (ICJO) located between Crespo and Morelos streets, in the heart of the Oaxacan capital.

The exhibition, organized by Arte Relieve Galería, consists of 33 works—19 oil paintings on canvas and 14 works in different techniques on paper—displays everyday images of Istmeño women, a reference to the indigenous tradition of Mexico.

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The themes of Arellano's work are the huipils of the Oaxacan women, nature, wind, water, and other elements to which he adds vivid color.


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