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Marissa Rivera.

At least in the PRI everything was happy until, what we all knew, including them, they had to prove it in the surveys.There is no way that someone from the Front will beat Xóchitl in a telephone survey or housing questionnaire.

The route designed by the Broad Front operators through Mexico seemed perfect, but it was not. It is so complex that it is slipping out of your hands.

Everything was planned. “We open the call, raise the requirements and rely on surveys so that the “battle” is between two. And then, 50 percent of the 'score' is decided at the polls and the other 50 percent in the polls."

And so, they fell one by one. From those with talent and recognized trade to those who only had ambition.

Proven PRI politicians such as José Ángel Gurría, Ildefonso Guajardo and Enrique de la Madrid, were displaced. The first two due to lack of structures to get 150 thousand signatures.

In Enrique's case, a survey was more important than his clarity and his freshness and ability.

In the PAN, Santiago Creel's lack of charisma made him decline and express his open support for Xóchitl. The equation was simple, the PAN votes would be divided and the PRI machinery would work for Beatriz.

And the plan continued perfectly. Two finalists, two women. But, there are always gaps. Those that lawyers turn to to fight or to turn cases around.

And so it has happened, on the route planned by the Front, so much so that there are more questions than answersIn this unprecedented final in which the polls are worth 50 percent and the votes are worth 50 percent. What could happen?

May Xochitl win the polls and Beatriz at the polls?

If so, then who wins? Or there would be a tiebreaker that no one knows about.According to Alejandra Latapí, from the Organizing Committee, a tie is unlikely, but she did not say it was impossible.50 percent of the surveys will be divided into 70 percent of the value in telephone surveys and 30 percent of value in housing surveys.

That Xóchitl wins in both and that the PRI is once again the big loser?

The situation in which the Frente Amplio finds itself is complicated.If we get to the polls on Sunday, September 3, how will they ensure that even 40 percent of the signatures collected go out to vote.Two million 297 thousand 529 citizens were registered for this process. 50 percent would be one million 148 thousand 764 people. Figure that seems difficult to me.But what if they vote less? The Front will be displayed. That is why for a few weeks now there have been voices begging Beatriz Paredes to decline in favor of Xóchitl, to avoid a tragedy.However, they have run into Paredes. The twisted fang of hers will force her into a very strong bargain, if she will step aside.There are those who think that Morena can put its hand in the vote in favor of Senator Beatriz. But only those who registered will be able to vote. Obviously, when it comes to elections in Mexico, nothing is impossible.Today will be a decisive day for the Front. Negotiation or exhibition.

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