They put pressure on Berlin; He returned to Brazil and more | World front pages 01/24/2023

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This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Tuesday, January 24, 2023:

It is being investigated whether the murderer targeted people he knew

California detectives investigate motives for shooting

In Monterey Park, a night of dancing and then shooting

Studio 'family' copes with loss as Asian festival returns to town

Poland leads a coalition to put pressure on Berlin and give tanks to kyiv

Germany promises a quick response to the request to send the Leopard 2

The Guardian / UK

Prime Minister admits “questions need to be answered” on Zahawi tax

Number 10 commissions an ethics adviser to launch an investigation into the chairman of the conservative party

The landing in Argentina of the president of Brazil means a complete change in economic relations between the two countries.

In successive meetings, the joint work of the ministries of Economy of the two countries began on a common currency, energy integration and the recovery of bilateral trade lost during the Bolsonaro presidency

The Chamber registers a list of 12 experts, while the Senate will have until tomorrow to ratify its list

Commission in charge of drafting the draft to prepare a Fundamental Charter

Blockades affect the delivery of medical oxygen and the transfer of patients

Emergency: Cusco and other regions are at risk of being left without supplies

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