They put 274 Colombian municipalities at risk before the electoral process | News


The Ombudsman’s Office warned on Thursday that there are 274 municipalities in Colombia that are at “extreme risk or high risk of violation of rights”, facing the next electoral processes in the country.


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The head of the Ombudsman’s Office, Carlos Camargo, reported at a press conference that “we have identified 274 municipalities with extreme or high risk of violation of the population’s rights in the framework of the three electoral processes that will take place this year in the country.” .

Given this scenario, the institution called on the State “to urgently take preventive action.”

Camargo stated that the Colombian State must promote a rapid and effective response “in the face of the risks generated mainly by illegal armed groups.”

Alert 004 of 2022 from the Ombudsman warns that of the municipalities at risk for the electoral process, 79 have extreme risk, 195 high, 186 medium and 61 low.

“We draw attention to the 167 municipalities that are part of the areas of Special Transitory Circumscriptions for La Paz, since 70 of them have been identified with extreme risk, 67 with high risk, 23 with medium risk and 7 with low risk,” he said. Camargo.

“In this process, extreme measures must be taken for the peace seats, especially after knowing the names of the winners in the elections, since the State must provide them with the guarantees for the exercise of their new democratic spaces,” he added.

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