They protect the university in Hermosillo due to a young man's threat against teachers and students

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A student of the Technological University of Hermosillo (UTH), in Sonora, He allegedly threatened his colleagueswhich caused a strong police mobilization in the vicinity of the educational center, this in order to safeguard the students.

The Secretary of Public Security of Sonora reported that yesterday the report about a young man's threat to attack his classmates inside the university was attended to.

Three levels of government attended the scene and They were able to identify the young man who made the threatshis parents were spoken to and this morning he will be presented to testify voluntarily.

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At 8:00 today, the SSP reported through social networks that the Sedena, PESP, AMIC and Municipal Police would maintain the operation on campus to maintain the peace of mind of teachers, administrative staff and students.

For its part, the area of Communication from the Technological University of Hermosilloreported that the corresponding measures were taken from the first moment they became aware of the rumor of the alleged threat of aggression.

UTH student will testify voluntarily

The SSP of Sonora revealed that The report of the university student's threats was received through 911 and due to the severity, the operation was carried out that identified the young man.

It was detailed that in addition to mentioning that he would attack his colleagues, The young man threatened teachers on campusHowever, the reasons that led him to make those comments are unknown.

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The educational institution spoke with the young man about the threats, but security elements approached him to begin the line of investigation corresponding, and thus define responsibilities.

Due to the strong operation, the young man must appear to testify before the Public Ministry to determine their legal situation.

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