They prosecute feminicides from Jimena; She was still alive when they did this to her...

They prosecute feminicides from Jimena; She was still alive when
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While the majority of girls under 14 years of age dream of their 15th birthday and enjoy playing games and having fun with their friends, Jimena Sarahi, lived a sad childhood from home to home in the State of Mexico until death.

“Well yes because first she was with her mother, then she was with my sister-in-law, then she returned to her mother and then she went to live with her grandmother who supposedly thought she was going to protect her and look what happened was to find death there," said Olga Sánchez, the minor's aunt.

It is worth remembering that a month ago, She had a baby from her 23-year-old uncle Jesús Ángel, who, along with his brother Manuel Jovani and his mother's husband Braulio, were linked to proceedings for allegedly being involved in the death of the minor on November 5 in Ixtapaluca.

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At the hearing in the Chalco courts, it was announced that apparently the minor had been subjected to a key of the so-called Chinese and then to kill her to simulate an accident, they put her in a tub of boiling water, Therefore, he had burns on 48 percent of his body.

"We found out that she was still alive when they put her in the water, but now they did kill her, it doesn't seem fair to me that they deprived her of her freedom, she leaves behind a 15-day-old baby, it doesn't seem fair to me that they left the baby without his mother,” he added.

Although up to now the actions of each of those involved have not been determined, the judge determined that there were sufficient elements to link them to the process for the crime of femicide, so now the family demands that justice be done to the minor and The maternal grandmother who was at the scene was punished when, according to a witness, the minor screamed in pain.

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Today Jimena's son is with his maternal grandfather and his aunts, so they hope they will be given custody of the minor who they claim was also in poor condition, while the judge gave two months to close the investigation.


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