They propose toughening penalties for those who manufacture, package and sell, without authorization, medications via the internet

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Mexico.- Given the public health risk posed by the sale of counterfeit medicines via the internet or anywhere, deputy Juan Luis Carrillo Soberanis (PVEM) proposed reforming sections I, II, III and IV of article 464 Ter of the Law General Health

It proposes punishing with more severe penalties - three, five, 15 and up to 20 years in prison - anyone who manufactures, alters, packages, labels, containers, offers or sells medicines without the corresponding registrations, licenses or authorizations, whether in establishments, via the internet or anywhere else.

The initiative, submitted to the Health Commission, highlights in its statement of reasons that the marketing, distribution and sale of counterfeit drugs not only represents a public health problem worldwide, but also an illegal act that can cause severe harm to the consumer and in some cases even death.

In this sense, he maintains that the marketing of irregular drugs represents a serious health problem for patients, since they could be made with contaminated or toxic substances, and may even have lost their benefits due to incorrect storage.

Unfortunately, he adds, the groups dedicated to this illicit activity are well organized and operate in large plants that are dedicated to imitating the medications that they consider highly consumed.

To do this, they carry out a thorough analysis of the behavior of the drug market to determine which drugs have the greatest potential to be counterfeited, as well as those with high costs that are inaccessible to many families without social security.

Hence, in recent years the sale of medicines on unauthorized sites has grown alarmingly, since according to the National Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry, drugs are offered to consumers up to 60 percent cheaper.

However, there is a risk of being stolen, being expired and not being properly managed, since these medical supplies are consumed by approximately eight million patients, of which one million of them die due to ingesting this product. type of medications.

He points out that the sale of illegal medicines is carried out, mainly, in flea markets and markets on public roads, which end up there due to theft from laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals; In addition, products are sold that the health sector provides to patients, but that have already expired.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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