They propose to repeal the Time System Law for not having benefits for the economy

Deputy Olga Luz Espinosa Morales (PRD) promotes an initiative that proposes to repeal the Time System Law in the United Mexican Statesconsidering that this arrangement has not influenced energy savings.

​The proposal, sent to the Governance and Population, and Energy commissions, also plans to repeal the Decree establishing the seasonal schedule that applies in the United Mexican States, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on March 1. March 2002.

In her initiative, deputy Espinosa Morales maintains that this legislation has not been reflected in production costs, prices of goods and services, and even less so in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Having a seasonal schedule, he assures, would allow a lower consumption of electrical energy, which would help support the country’s productive activities, lower production costs and protect family income.

Likewise, it states that with summer time, society would carry out a greater number of activities in daylight, which would result in greater public safety conditions.

However, it stands out that according to the Summer Time study. “Background and comparative legislation”, of the Comprehensive Information and Documentation System of the Library and Information Technology Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, there are disadvantages in the application of said schedule, such as effects on school activities, negative impact on economics, increase of public insecurity in the mornings and economic savings not perceived in the electricity bill of the users.

Regarding the effects on health due to the change in schedule, he warns that according to the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in April 2021 the alterations in schedules affect individuals and groups, which have an inflexible structure in the biological and the psycho-emotional, and those who are subject to carrying out activities in rigid schedules.

In addition, the educational institution indicated that the main problems that can be perceived when experiencing a time change are flu, drowsiness, eating and digestive disorders, disorganization of their biological rhythm, headache, nervousness, and lack of restful sleep, because They sleep later and wake up earlier.

In its proposal, it considers that another reason to eliminate daylight saving time is that on March 15, 2022, the Senate of the United States of America approved the Sunlight Protection Bill, by which it makes daylight saving time permanent. summer instead of twice a year – once in March, the so-called “summer time”, and once in November, with the “winter time throughout the country from 2023; that is to say, this initiative will allow to harmonize the legislative times with the main commercial partner.

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