They propose to disable fixed and mobile telephone lines related

They propose to disable fixed and mobile telephone lines related to extortion

Deputy Juanita Guerra Mena (Morena), president of the Citizen Security Commission, reported the presentation of an initiative to disable fixed and mobile telephone lines related to extortion.

In a statement, he explained that his proposal seeks to reaffirm and improve institutional collaboration agreements to discourage and punish telephone extortion, “since the cooperation already established by the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law is not exercised due to a legal vacuum.”

He commented that current regulations indicate that telecommunications concessionaires must provide the authority with information on mobile devices and the digital location of the telephone lines that are required, in addition to taking technical measures to preserve said information.

However, he clarified, this extremely important cooperation mechanism “is not fulfilled because, as a consequence of the wording and architecture of this normative bias, it is not established that the request for information or deactivation is an obligation of the investigating authority. both cell phone devices and telephone lines used for the commission of crimes.”

Faced with this legal vacuum, Guerra Mena pointed out that “it is essential to perfect the collaboration mechanism, so that the reports of telephone numbers used for extortion do not remain in the anecdotes.”

He explained that the initiative in question proposes reforms in two aspects: the first, to the Law of the General Prosecutor of the Republic, so that this instance of the prosecution of justice obligatorily requires and on a monthly basis from the concessionaires, the cancellation of the telephone lines reported as being used for extortion, as well as the cancellation of the telephone used.

The second way, he declared, is the addition to the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law, so that once the request for cancellation of the telephone line service and the permanent disabling of the equipment is submitted, the concessionaires proceed immediately.

He added that “in this way, we are complementing a regulatory gap that remained pending since the issuance of the federal regulation on telecommunications, while it becomes mandatory for the Prosecutor’s Office to implement a viable, technologically possible action.”

In this vein, Guerra Mena commented that in 2021 Mexico reported a record number of 9,407 victims of extortion, according to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, a problem where Zacatecas maintains first place, followed by Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Mexico City.

Given this context, the deputy indicated that it is necessary to update the legal regulations and force the authorities to coordinate with the concessionaires to generate synergy and eradicate this crime.

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