They propose a route to give more funds to Acapulco; opposition urges to label resources for 2024

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A “truce” in priority works, using surplus income and part of the government trusts are some areas from which resources could be taken and labeled to address the emergency in Acapulco, the opposition proposed.

Before this Monday the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies discuss the initiative Expenditure Budget 2024endorsed on Friday night in committees, PAN member Héctor Saúl Téllez Hernández said that, with these actions, up to 200 billion pesos could be raised, in addition to the 61 billion that will be allocated to reconstruction after the passage of Otis.

"We are proposing a truce in the construction of mega-projects, not to limit them or stop them, but rather a 30% cut that would imply 85 billion pesos to help our brothers," he explained.

He also proposed using 10% of the amount in 178 federal government trusts, a percentage equivalent to 55.8 billion pesos.

Yesterday, the national leaders of the PAN and the PRD called for extraordinary resources to be included in the 2024 Budget to rebuild Acapulco. PRI deputies criticized the fact that no provision had been made for the victims. Carolina Viggiano said that resources can be obtained from Fobaproa to address the devastation in the port.

-With information from Héctor Figueroa


The federal deputy of the PAN, Héctor Saúl Téllez Hernández, proposed to the federal Executive “a truce” in its priority works, using the surplus income, using 10% of the federal government trusts among other budget items, for the creation of a fund for 200 billion pesos that can be used in 2024 for the reconstruction of the areas affected in Guerrero by the hurricane Otis.

During the discussion of the PEF 2024 at the Budget and Public Account Commissionthe legislator of National Action He proposed, on behalf of his group, that 30% of the mega-projects, which will cost 85 billion pesos, be stopped. Also a cut of at least 15 billion pesos to Public Administration spending, to administrative spending.

We are proposing a truce in the construction of the President's mega works, not to limit them or stop them, but rather a 30% cut to the works, which would involve at least 85 billion pesos at this time to help our brothers from Guerrero and Acapulco,” he explained.

Téllez indicated that, of the 178 federal government trusts, they use 10% of its resources, equivalent to 55.8 billion pesos. Adding to the projection of 61 thousand 313 million pesos of investment.

With this we would be reaching a fund of more than 200 billion pesos by 2024, coupled with the program that the President announced with 61 billion pesos, I think Acapulco and Guerrero deserve it,” he said.

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After the discussion and approval of the PEF 2024 opinion, the coordinator of the Morena deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazco, reported that they will meet with the Ministry of Finance to define a temporary amount for the areas affected by the hurricane. Otis.

He remembered that there is a work table with the Judiciary and Government to allocate resources from the trusts that Morena and its allies extinguished.


Federal deputies of the PRI criticized that the opinion of the 2024 Federation Expenditure Budget does not contemplate an item for those affected by the hurricane Otis in Guerrero.

Representative Carolina Viggiano stated that resources can be obtained from Fobaproa to help the victims.

The PRI member accused that the government has paid double what the last administration disbursed.

Viggiano questioned the increase in Segalmex spending when “the 15 billion that were stolen has not been clarified.”

Legislator Adriana Campos pointed out that next year's budget “is a reflection of the presidential revenge” against the electoral bodies and regretted that no resources will be allocated to rebuild Guerrero.

Deputy José Francisco Yunes assured that the budget did not consider Guerrero as a priority, weakens investment in infrastructure and hides resources that will be used discretionally, one year before the elections.

-Ximena Mejía


The national leaders of the PAN, Marko Cortés; and from the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, affirmed that the Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) for 2024, which will be debated tomorrow in the Chamber of Deputies, must label extraordinary resources for the reconstruction of Acapulco.

The 2024 Budget, which Morena intends to approve, further weakens our institutions and democracy, does not reestablish the Fund for Natural Disasters and incredibly does not allocate resources for the reconstruction of Acapulco,” Cortés highlighted.

Through social networks, the PAN leader noted that in the opinion approved on Friday in San Lázaro commissions, there are no resources labeled either for Acapulco or for the economic recovery of Guerrero, and only funds for the works continue to be privileged. from the southeast of the country.

“This government wants to continue centralizing public money because it is making money to illegally pay for the campaign,” Marko Cortés, National Leader of the PAN. Photo: Héctor López

They take away resources for security in the states, they financially weaken the INE, INAI and the Court, who have put a stop to several of their whims and their opacity in the management of public resources.

“This government wants to continue centralizing public money because it is making money to illegally pay for the campaign,” said the National Action leader.

Meanwhile, the leader of the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, assured that of the 9 billion pesos that were approved, Morena and its allies did not consider a single extra peso for the reconstruction of Acapulco due to the passage of the hurricane. Otis.

This opinion has already been submitted to the Plenary Session in San Lázaro; However, they make it clear to us once again that Morena, PT and PVEM only look out for their own interests, without caring about the tragedy that Acapulco is going through. It is evident that the only thing they want is to affect in any way the Judiciary, the Electoral Court, the INE and other autonomous organizations,” said Zambrano.

-Hector Figueroa

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