They propose a reform so that employers allocate 5% of places and vacancies to people with disabilities

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The deputy Jasmine María Bugarín Rodríguez of the PVEM presented an initiative that adds paragraph XVI Ter to article 132 of the Federal Labor Law, with the purpose of promoting the hiring of people with disabilities.

The modification establishes the obligation of employers to “allocate, for every 50 workers, 5 percent of recently created positions and vacancies to the hiring of people with disabilities.”

The document, sent to the Labor and Social Welfare Commission for an opinion, and to the Commission for Attention to Vulnerable Groups for an opinion, explains that Mexico City has contemplated for years a labor quota for people with disabilities in public administration entities. local, but this is not applicable to the rest of the entities in the country.

In the explanatory statement, it emphasizes that people with disabilities belong to one of the social sectors that face the most barriers and difficulties in accessing basic rights such as education and employment in Latin America; Proof of this is that three out of four people with this condition are unemployed.

It clarifies that work cannot be seen as a favor or an act of charity that can be granted arbitrarily, since it is a human right inherent to all people that allows its holders to live fully and independently.

“The right to work is fundamental because this is the means through which people seek to ensure coverage of their basic needs; Therefore, it constitutes an indispensable element to ensure compliance with other human rights,” the initiative highlights.

In this sense, he adds that the State has the obligation to generate the necessary conditions so that all people of working age, including those who have a disability, have a job, not only to access a dignified life at the level of economic, but as a means to achieve self-improvement and personal fulfillment.

It mentions that, according to the 2018 National Demographic Dynamics Survey by Inegi, of the 115.7 million people aged 5 years and older who live in the country, 7.7 million (6.7 percent) are considered a population with disabilities.

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