They promote in the Senate that Mexicans abroad can vote with consular registration

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Mexico.- Senator Israel Zamora Guzmán presented an initiative so that Mexicans living abroad can vote in the presidential election days, in case they do not have their voting credential or it is not valid, through consular registration. and a request to the Executive Directorate of the National Voter Registry.

The idea, explained the PVEM legislator in the document, is to guarantee Mexican citizens living abroad their right to elect their representatives, through free and secret voting.

The project, which modifies various articles of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, aims to enable consular registration on an exceptional basis, when it comes to the presidential election, considering that this is one of the most important.

Mexican citizens who live abroad - Zamora Guzmán emphasized - must have a greater margin of opportunity to vote in the presidential election, through consular registration, instead of the voter ID card, under a similar process and with the requirements that approved by the General Council of the National Electoral Institute.”

He recalled that in 2006, for the first time, Mexicans abroad voted remotely only for the presidential election, but currently it is also allowed to cast it for senators, governors and for the Head of Government of Mexico City, with the respective constitutional permissibility in the federal entities.

He specified that, according to general historical data, citizens residing abroad reflect an active participation and, proof of this is that, in the 2006 presidential election, the then Federal Electoral Institute received 56,295 applications for registration to the nominal list. Of the 40,876 that were approved, 32,632 votes were effective.

While, in 2012, the number of applications increased 9.9 percent. It reached 61,869 applications, 59,119 were approved and 40,737 were effective votes. “In 2018, applications were 206,884; 181,256 were approved and there were 98,470 effective votes,” added Israel Zamora.

With information from the Senate

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