They order a DNA test for Luis Miguel's alleged mother

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The mystery that has tormented legendary singer Luis Miguel for decades takes an unexpected turn when a woman in Argentina raises intriguing doubts about his identity.

The mystery that has intrigued fans and the press for decades appears to be getting closer to being solved.

The search for Marcela Basteri, Luis Miguel's mother, has taken an unexpected turn with a new and surprising clue that leads to Argentina.

It has been announced that a DNA test will be carried out on a woman who is presumed to be the missing woman

The enigma surrounding Marcela's disappearance has remained in the media corridors and now, a woman who goes by the name of Honorina Montes has emerged as a central character in this fascinating story, while she is in the Moyano Psychiatric Hospital in Argentina .

What makes her worthy of attention is her surprising similarity to the mother of “El Sol de México”. This mystery has not only perplexed fans of the music icon, but has also generated concern among Marcela's own relatives.

Since her disappearance in 1986, Marcela Basteri's whereabouts have been an unsolved enigma. It is not known if she is alive or dead, and her absence has left a void in Luis Miguel's life that has haunted him for decades. Luis Miguel's biographical series hinted that his father, Luisito Rey, might have played a role in his disappearance, but this dark secret was never revealed, even on his deathbed.


The mystery of Marcela Basteri remains unsolved and speculation is the order of the day! Until now, we cannot confirm if the mysterious woman known as Honorina Montes is really Marcela Basteri. The great

unknown remains as we anxiously await the results of the DNA test that was ordered to clear up the uncertainty.

In an exclusive “True Secrets” scoop, journalist Luis Ventura kept us up to date with the latest developments. The National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office has taken urgent measures to obtain DNA samples from Honorina Montes and her living relatives who are in Argentina.

The National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office orders that - as a matter of urgency - the extraction of DNA and/or genetic material from Mrs. 'H', Ivana Analía Basteri and Flavia Carla Basteri”, details the document that was read live and broadcast since then.

Ivana and Flavia are close relatives of Marcela, the first being her cousin and the second, her niece. They claim to have solid evidence suggesting that Marcela could be hiding under a false identity in a neuropsychiatric hospital.

The request to carry out this crucial study was presented by lawyer Martín Francolino, and now we are all wondering: When will the results be known? Tension is in the air as we anxiously await the DNA verdict that could shed light on the enigma of Marcela Basteri.

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