They located the minor Angela Chávez, stolen after the murder of her parents

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The minor Ángela Chávez Realivazquez was located on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 30. [Twitter]

the minor Angela Chavez Realivazquez one-year-old was located on Wednesday, August 30, by elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) from Ciudad Juárez after a report received at 911 from a citizen. She was stolen after her parents were murdered last Monday, August 28.

The call made to the authorities indicated that a minor had been abandoned at the intersection of Coronel Primitivo Uro and Felipe Ángeles streets, to where the SSPM elements of the Eastern District went, who upon arriving were able to realize that it was the minor. Angela Chavez.

The minor was transferred to the University District Police Station, where Social Work personnel will be in charge of providing the appropriate follow-up to be delivered to her family. Similarly, Amber Alert notified through social networks of the discovery of Angela Chávez.

During Wednesday, August 28, the cChihuahua Search Skip He offered a reward of 200 thousand pesos to the person who provided relevant information for the location of the one-year-and-three-month-old baby, who had been stolen by the hitmen who executed her parents and two other people a few days ago.

According to information shared by local media, last Monday, August 28 at night, the minor was at home with her parents and other people, when unidentified people entered the house to murder four individualstwo women and two men, including Angela Chávez's parents.

An hour later, a social media user, who said he was a relative of the minor, shared a publication in which he requested help to find the whereabouts of the one-year-old and three-month-old baby. “I ask all my contacts to please share this photo, she is my niece's daughter, her parents died yesterday in a violent incident on Granito Street in Juárez and we know nothing about her, please help me share,” it reads. in the published text.

On the morning of Wednesday the 30th, the state Attorney General's Office (FGE) from Chihuahua activated an Amber Alert to locate the minor, where what happened to her parents in recent days was explained, noting that after the murder, elements of the agency had entered the property where Angela Chávez was no longer present.

The FGE pointed out that his integrity was considered to be at risk since he could be the victim of a crime. So far no further details have been released regarding the little girl's health.

On Monday, August 28, 16 murders were reported in different parts of the state, including the two parents of the minor and the two people who accompanied them. The municipal president Cruz Pérez Cuellar He noted that these acts could be related to organized crime, especially human trafficking.

Although he pointed out that this was only an indication since the Prosecutor's Office continues to make the corresponding investigations to clarify what happened.

*Information in development

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