They locate more than 300 migrants inside a truck in Mexico | News


The National Migration Institute of Mexico reported that more than 300 Central American migrants were located in the box of a truck on a highway in Veracruz.


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In a statement released Sunday, authorities said 359 people were rescued as officers conducted a routine search.

“At a checkpoint on the Coatzacoalcos-Veracruz free highway, Federal Immigration Agents (AFM) detained the transport unit to carry out a routine check, when they heard voices coming from the rear of the vehicle,” he said. text.

The institute detailed that among the migrants were 294 people from Guatemala, 38 from Nicaragua, 15 Salvadorans, eight Hondurans and at least four from Ecuador.

“Upon opening the doors (of the vehicle), the migrants were found in an overcrowded condition,” they clarified.

Likewise, they affirmed that the driver and the truck were left at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in that entity.

Finally, they reiterated their commitment to safe, regular and orderly migration, guaranteeing “full respect and safeguarding of the rights of people in the context of mobility.”

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