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They launch a call for the 2023 State Sports Award
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The Sports Institute (INDEPORTE) launched on September 11, 2023 the call for the 2023 edition of the State Sports Award. In his statement, he invites “all those sports associations, public organisms focused on sports and sports media to compete to be creditors of the prize of 110 thousand pesos assigned to each federal entity.”

The call to be part of this contest will be open until October 15, 2023 and three modalities can be registered: Athlete, Coach and Promotion, protection or promotion of the practice of sports.

A single jury made up of 10 peoples with extensive experience in the sports field will decide the winners of the financial incentive and a commemorative medal:

The 10 members are distributed among two representatives of state sports associations (in accordance with the General Law of Physical Culture and Sports), three representatives of the media, one athlete who has achieved first place in another edition, one coach/coach who has obtained the award and three authorities from the state sports field.

It will be considered made by candidates between October 11, 2022 until October 15, 2023 at the state, national and international level and Applicants will only be able to access the prize in one modality.

The call can be found on social networks and INDEPORT pageE. The registration conditions are detailed in this link. The registration sheet is available here.

In 2022, the winners of this award were: artistic swimmer Miranda Barrera Jiménez, the chess player Matías Martínez Flores, the baseball players of the Mexican team, Dafne Mejía Limón, Vanya Ordoñez Fonseca, Valeria Rodríguez Larios and Marcela Díaz Alfaro, the taekwendo coach Luis Fernando German Cruz, and the promoter of sport Daniel Aceves Villagran.

(With information from INDPORTANCE)

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