They land with urgent dialogue at the FIC

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The Boca del Lupo performing company will bring its installation to Mexico Red Phone, in Plaza Allende in Guanajuato, from October 14 to 21, within the framework of the 51st International Cervantino Festival (FIC).

Regarding the piece, Jay Dodge commented to Excelsior that this occurs inside two telephone booths that promote an urgent conversation between two people who do not know each other, guided by a pair of teleprompters and the assistance of an operator who conducts the call.

So far we have 30 conversations created by the same number of authors from countries such as Canada, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico,” Dodge noted.

How would you describe the piece? He was asked, “I don't know if in Mexico they have the expression 'Singing in the shower', but I feel that the experience of Red Phone "It might feel like that."

What topics are addressed in the conversations? “They are diverse and some become personal, for example, about the last conversation someone had with a child or a parent, political content, gender issues, prostitution and other topics that are a little more personal and urgent.”

One of the reasons why the performing group chose telephone booths for the piece is because they are no longer used.

Although these booths are no longer used, they not only provide privacy and protection from noise, but also guarantee a more deep-rooted conversation,” he considered.

Finally, he assured that Red Phone It seeks, in a playful way, for participants to consider the point of view of others, to put themselves in their shoes and to abandon, at least for a moment, their point of view.

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