They knock him out with a ball: Peruvian Cagliari player ended up on the floor after receiving a tremendous impact in the game against Parma

During the Serie B semifinal between Cagliari and Parma something out of the ordinary happened this weekend, since one player was practically knocked out by a ball.

Gianluca Lapadula, Rossoblu forward, was the star of the match, since there were no goals and there was more talk about the extraordinary event than about football.

A couple of minutes into the second part, the Italian-Peruvian striker took the heavy blow, when a Parma defender wanted to send a long stroke, but meters ahead, the ball found on the wayon the edges of the midfield circle, Lapadula's facewho at the time of impacto fell to the ground and immediately tried to get back up, but before fully succeeding he began to wobble and visited the grass a second time.

Seeing the dramatic event, the medical team entered the field to help him and, after a few minutes, the player was able to continue in the game. Despite the strong impact, Lapadula continued playing as if nothing had happened for another 30 minutes, until the DT decided to replace him.

Cagliari was one step away from Serie A

Despite the fact that there were no goals in this match, the tie favored Cagliari, who had a 3-2 lead in the first leg, so the 0-0 in the second leg gave Rossoblu a place in the final, where they will face Barifirst at home and then on a visit, in the most important games of the season, since the winner of the series will ascend to the highest circuit of Italian soccer next season.

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